NN compounds

  • test: participants have to describe 25 pictures that favour the production of NN (Noun + Noun) compounds
  • languages: English, Spanish
  • participants: 213 children and 322 adults; English and Spanish as L1 and L2
  • objective: analysis of NN compound production in English and in Spanish with special emphasis on word order between the two nouns and gender marking
frog story
  • test: participants have to tell a story about what happens in the wordless pictures included in Frog, where are you? (Mayer 1969; as in Berman & Slobin 1994)
  • languages: English
  • participants:98 children and 28 adults (L2 English-L1 Spanish); 6 children (L1 Spanish-Heritage English); 65 children (L1 English-Heritage Spanish)
  • objective: analysis of different morphosyntactic issues such as nature of sentential subjets and verbal and nominal inflection
natural interpreting
  • test: a series of three tests in which the participants play games with two monolingual speakers and have to act as interpreters between them
  • languages: English, Spanish
  • participants: 2 simultaneous bilingual children at different ages: 4;10, 5;05 and 6;03
  • objective: to analyze the translation strategies used by bilingual children