• test: vocabulary comprehension test Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test PPVT-4 (Dunn & Dunn 2007)
  • implementation: offline (pen-and-paper)
  • languages: English
  • participants:
         children: 100 (L1 Spanish-L2 English)
  • objective: classification of participants according to their level of comprehension in the L2

N modification

  • test: participants are presented with sets of two pictures, the first one showing an object, the second one showing either another object or a color. Participants are asked to explain or define a determiner phrase (DP) expressed with a combination of the two words of the pictures.
  • implementation: offline (pen-and-paper); 3-year longitudinal data
  • language: English
  • participants
         children: 96 (L1 Spanish-L2 English); 11 (L1 English, control)
  • objective: to analyze word-order issues within the DP involving nouns pre-modified by another noun (NN compounds) and nouns pre-modified by an adjective (Adj+N combinations); to address potential crosslinguistic influence effects in the L2 English of L1 Spanish children; and to link these effects to length of exposure and explicit instruction